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29 August 2017

Heavy modification to the forum structure has been made. Flourish and Blots has been merged with The Owl Post so please check there for any threads that have been moved. This excludes Documentations, which has been moved to Knockturn Alley and can be found under the For the Site forum. Absolutely no threads have been deleted, only moved, so if you are having trouble finding your post, please click here.

25 July 2017

A new skin has been added and is currently being perfected by both members and staff at this time!! Want to get in on the discussion? Click here! We would love to hear from our lurking members about the appearance of our new, dark skin! Don't worry, we're working on a light skin as well, but we wanted to give our darker skin lovers a chance at bat this time around. Come throw in your two cents!!

20 July 2017

Hey Floo Users! We are working on a revamp of the site. We welcome your ideas and feedback! Head over to the Daily Prophet section and see the threads there pertaining to the Overhaul of the site. We would love to hear from each of you! The staff apologize for letting FPN slip in activity. We are working hard to fix the issues we have discovered since our launch last year and will be hopefully relaunching again soon! We encourage all of you to post in all remaining areas of the site to increase activity again. Start new threads, dive in and have fun! Don't forget to share your ideas! We want to hear from you all!

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Bugsy Coding / Admin Coding and general admin here. Prefer contact via PM, or feel free to tag me in anywhere I'm needed around the forum. <3
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 Gods & Monsters. [jcink], 1950 RIDDLE ERA

coming coon
Posted: Feb 6 2017, 06:13 PM PM Quote
Site name: Gods & Monsters
Staff Account: Megs
Category: Pre-Potter
FPN Button: In the affiliate section. Footer of index.
Rating: 3-3-3
user posted image

It's 1950. It's been several years since Gellert Grindelwald was defeated and World War Two came to an end. The Minister of Magic is Wilhelmina Tuft, a good decent sort of witch with a cheery disposition. She was elected into office in 1948, at the beginning stages of the infectious giddiness that swept the Western world. Her Advisor is her son, Ignatius Tuft, and a vast majority of her duties are passed along to him in great confidence. And while she is a kind woman, she is an oblivious one as well. She does not see the subtle changes happening within the Ministry, nor does she realize the culprit behind such movements. She, and the entirety of the wizarding community, has become subdued by hopefulness for peace and prosperity, making it easier for laws to be passed and announced as something good or wholesome. Meanwhile, their entire world as they have grown to know it is being swept away under their noses.

Contact Details: Pm here, cbox on GM, GM discord, or pm on GM!

This post has been edited by Emily: Jul 20 2017, 07:30 PM

Admin at

Posted: Feb 6 2017, 06:17 PM PM Quote
Congratulations! The Floor Powder Authority has accepted your site into the Floo Powder Network!

It has been sorted into the Pre-Potter category of the Network. Remember you can bump your listing once every 15 days from the date of this acceptance post.

If you have any questions please contact a member of the Floo Authority. Links to their profiles can be found in the side bar.

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