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29 August 2017

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25 July 2017

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20 July 2017

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 Firewhiskey And Veritaserum, the Hufflepuff Common Room game!

Posted: Jun 2 2016, 07:26 PM PM Quote
Winter slumped forward onto the table, thumping her forehead against the smooth wooden surface several times with an exaggerated groan, which trailed off into a snicker.

"Really, guys, we need to focus. Exam. Monday. Veritaserum." She cleared her throat, sat up straight, and focused a comically serious look on her notes and textbook. They were crowded around a little round table in the Hufflepuff common room, which was easily one of the worst places they could be studying- it was Friday night and tomorrow was a long-awaited Hogsmeade weekend. The common room was absolutely stuffed with students, all of whom were looking forward to the weekend and in desperate need to let loose and blow off some steam. The school year was nearly over- Winter could hardly believe that next year they'd be seventh years- next year would be their last at Hogwarts. What was less difficult to believe was that their cheerless slug of a Potions professor had set their Veritaserum exam for their early morning Monday class. They'd barely have a chance to review their notes at breakfast.

"The written should be pretty easy- when we did Everlasting Elixirs last month it was what, earliest written record, the written recipe, three paragraphs on its importance in wizarding history, and three common brewing errors, right?" Winter frowned, trying to remember if there'd been anything else.

Post Potter
Posted: Jun 2 2016, 10:03 PM PM Quote
The ceiling of the Hufflepuff Common Room was infinitely more interesting than this Potions exam. As Sam stared at it with tired, green eyes, he suddenly realized… woah, that ceiling probably held up the whole castle. The magnitude of his architectural epiphany made his lips part in amazement, nevermind that it it was most likely centuries of magic holding this place together. Before his thoughts wandered anywhere else, Winter reminded him again that they needed to focus before trying to predict the format of the exam itself. “My brain is fried, Win,” he protested, lowering his chin to look at her with a defeated look. She had always been so much more motivated than he had been all these years. The only time he really stepped up his game was Dueling Club… or napping. His grades were not entirely unfortunate, but Sam was easily outdone by most of this study group.

“When are we ever going to brew Veritaserum for our own use after Hogwarts anyway?” Sam himself wouldn’t. He didn’t exactly what he would be doing, but it would involve magical creatures. Animals didn’t need truth serum. They just acted on instinct. While he had heard a few of his housemates, even younger ones, worry that they didn’t have their careers already planned, that kind of anxiety never really caught up to him. He generally thought that if he worked hard, he would be at the right place at the right time. It wasn’t exactly the best game plan, but it was the only one he had.

user posted image ~user posted image

Posted: Jun 4 2016, 09:46 PM PM Quote
Quinn sighed and shoved a hand through his dirty blonde hair. He could hear Winter talking, but he wasn't actually paying that much attention to what she was saying. She was talking about school work after all and that was definitely not his area of expertise. He was more the party guy then anything. That and potions were dull unless they made you happy. He heard Veritaserum and instantly went back to thinking about if he could find a way to sneak some Fire Whiskey into the school for the next seventh year party.

"Listen to Sam," Quinn insisted drolly. "Who wants to bother with figuring out a spell we're never actually going to use?" he asked arching an eyebrow before shaking his head. He'd never understood the point to that and he had a feeling that he never would.

Malak rolled her eyes and shook her head. "Of course we have to study," she insisted. The young woman leaned forward and rested her elbow on her knee and her chin on her palm. "It doesn't really matter if we're going to brew the potion or not. We still should learn it. You never know if you might need it or not." Though she had a feeling that so far, only Winter was going to agree with her on that one.


Hello ladies and gentlemen! My name is Eisande. I am a proud Slytherin, as you might have guessed as well as a big Harry Potter enthusiast. If you ever have any questions for me, please feel free to message me or poke in the cbox and I will gladly answer!

Sites I Am On:

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